Category: Poetry

Speak to Your Soul

In times of desert darkness of soul, abandoned notions taking their toll.I wander weary woeful in thought; undone, unhappy and overwrought.Of ramble-roll in darkness of soul, I clearly see dismal’s role;stuck in this dull-dreary-darkness befitting a mole.Bring me from this darkness,and into your marvelous light;from a life filled with starkness,to one that’s shining so bright.Speaking

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Crucible of Change

Christ is calling us to change and rearrange. Recount His blessing while troubles are pressing. Under grace, we will keep pace. Citing the Word is power transferred, His Inner courts contain joys – all sorts. Believe and bear when standing in prayer. Life isn’t transfixed, so don’t be bewitched; Exert His promise, don’t be like

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