Author: Jacquie A. Bradford

Agape for the World

Aligning with His holy message,Gleaning a compassionate edge.Allowing His love to flow through;Preferring others with healing in view.Entering in with compassion, unity the sole passion.Forever in love with God’s creation,Opposing selfish motivation;Relating in love, a godly nation.Turning away from evil desire,Heading to Him, no muck and mire.Ever coming in faith and love, descending with hope

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Crucible of Change

Christ is calling us to change and rearrange. Recount His blessing while troubles are pressing. Under grace, we will keep pace. Citing the Word is power transferred, His Inner courts contain joys – all sorts. Believe and bear when standing in prayer. Life isn’t transfixed, so don’t be bewitched; Exert His promise, don’t be like

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