A Soldier’s Poem

I just heard this today and had to share with you all ♥

Lord God,
I have never spoken to you,
But now I want to say,
“How do you do?”
You see God,
they told me you didn’t exist,
and like a fool I believed all this.

Last night from a shell hole
I saw your sky.
I figured right then
They had told me a lie.
Had I taken time to see
the things you made,
I’d have known they weren’t calling
a spade a spade.

I wonder God,
If you’ll take my hand?

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Somehow I feel
that you’ll understand.
Funny I had to come
to this hellish place,
Before I had time
to see your face.

Well, I guess there isn’t
much more to say,
But I’m sure glad, God,
I met you today.
I guess zero hour
will soon be here,
But I’m not afraid
since I know you’re near.

The signal! Well, God,
I’ll have to go.
I like you lots.
I want you to know.
Look now, this will be
a horrible fight.
Who knows?
I may come
to your house tonight.

Though I wasn’t
friendly to you before,
I wonder, God,
if you’d wait at your door?
Look, I’m crying. . .,
I’m shedding tears.
I’ll have to go now, God.
Goodbye. Strange . . .,
now, since I met you,
I’m not afraid to die.

I’m so grateful that this young man found the Lord, despite what he’d been told. I pray that all that have need of His saving love and grace, will have a similar revelation. I heard Ravi Zacharias share this poem from an encounter he had; the author’s name wasn’t given.

Blessings of His Love and Grace,

Jacquie ♥

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I am a writer and counselor, who embraces joy and holds tight to hope. I live with my husband Ken, of 44 years, and he is the love of my life. I enjoy inspirational and devotional writing, home decor, gardening, and being in community. My husband and I are missionaries to children in Washington State, and love the privilege of being with them.

16 thoughts on “A Soldier’s Poem

  1. Thanks, Jacquie.
    I was moved by how young the soldier looks, about the age of my grand daughter.
    May God bless those who witness the tragedy of armed conflict. 🤗

    Liked by 1 person

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