Divine Dependence

I am the Vine and you are the branches. Get your life from Me. Then I will live in you and you will give much fruit. You can do nothing without Me. John 15:5 NLV. 

God is the vine we are the branches. We live and move and have our being. His Word is love, the path to seeing. Come to the vine receive His love, keep your thoughts on things above.

Let His light shine as thankful branches, be kindly surrendered in humility. Walk in love, a living community. Come to the vine, receive His love; keep your thoughts on things above.

Yesterday’s gone, so start again, lean on the vine, He’ll show the way. Be like Him holy this day. So come to the vine, receive His love, keep your thoughts on things above.

Yes, feast on all the treasures of the heavenly realm and fill your thoughts with heavenly realities, and not with the distractions of the natural realm. Colossians 3:2 TPT.

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We are called to divine dependence, which becomes easier with the passage of time. Through trial and error, I find the things of life work so much better when I rely on the Lord. There are abundant opportunities to do life in our own strength, and yet how sweet when we get that internal nudge to step back. To pray, to read God’s Word, to “be still and know that He is God.” (Psalm 46:10).

We lose our focus when our divine dependence is replaced with distractions. I pray that as we seek to be more like our Creator, that we will become sensitive to moments when our peace begins to decrease. His peace is precious perspective that keeps our hearts and minds clear of clutter.

My heart is to see God’s people come and spend time with The Vine. That we immerse ourselves in His presence in stillness, and come to know and hear that “still small voice” (I Kings 19:12) that whispers love, divine secrets and solutions.


Jacquie ♥

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I am a writer and counselor, who embraces joy and holds tight to hope. I live with my husband Ken, of 44 years, and he is the love of my life. I enjoy inspirational and devotional writing, home decor, gardening, and being in community. My husband and I are missionaries to children in Washington State, and love the privilege of being with them.

24 thoughts on “Divine Dependence

  1. Good morning, Jacquie. What a refreshing post. John Chapter 15 is one of my favorites, such a powerful draw to cling to the vine, to remember how we cannot do anything unless connected. Your words “there are abundant ways to do life in our own strength” … I join you in praying for all of us to resist that temptation. Have a blessed day, sister.

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    1. Good morning, Julie! John 15 is a favorite of mine as well. I love that God gives us literal and figurative examples of how to live, it makes His instruction clear. When I step out in my own ability instead of His, I lose my peace, which helps me remain. Thank you for your prayers, and Blessings to you and your sweet family. ♥

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  2. Being a branch of the Vine we sometime require our Father’s pruning to bear much fruit. It is good to be still and listen for the Lord’s direction. Thanks for sharing God’s blessings!

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  3. “My heart is to see God’s people come and spend time with The Vine.” Me too Jacquie! He desires for us to be connected to Him and we need it so desperately. The distractions are everywhere. We must be intentional about making time with the Lord a priority, as well as choosing to obey Him.

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