Christmas Blessings

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May the joy of knowing that the Savior has come, fill your heart to overflowing. Knowing that His gift of salvation is free with the promise of life abundant and life eternal. If you or someone you know needs this free gift, I pray His love breaks through in tangible ways, bringing peace, hope, love, joy, and wholeness that overtakes.

If you would like to know more about eternal life, please click here:

Walking in relationship with Jesus is an adventure like no other. Look for a Bible based church, and let those around you know of this most important decision you’ve made. I too, would love to know if you have made the decision to make Jesus your Lord and Savior. ♥

With Christmastime Blessings for you,

Jacquie ♥

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I am a writer and counselor, who embraces joy and holds tight to hope. I live with my husband Ken, of 44 years, and he is the love of my life. I enjoy inspirational and devotional writing, home decor, gardening, and being in community. My husband and I are missionaries to children in Washington State, and love the privilege of being with them.

8 thoughts on “Christmas Blessings

  1. Hi Jacquie,

    I’ve been enjoying your posts. Yesterday we had a prayer time at DCC. The first hour was celebrating His 1st coming and the 2nd hour celebrating/looking forward to His 2nd coming. I had read your post about “He is coming with the clouds.” Yes, soon He will come!

    Blessings to you and Ken. What will you be doing during the holidays?

    Love, Branette



    1. What an exciting time to be alive, and what a privilege to await His return. Angela and Jordan fly in on Monday, so we’re excited to see them. We have a Christmas party today for the kids at New Life.

      Are your kids and grands going to be around for Christmas? Branette, thank you for sharing, and maybe we’ll see you guys Christmas Eve. Christmas Blessings and love!


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