Counting the Cost


Discipleship is Dangerous! I just read this post by Mitch Teemley, who has become a favorite for me on WordPress. The truth and reality of being a disciple is clear, and Mitch encourages the readers of this post to press into understanding the cost of discipleship.

Lets “show the way out of this growing darkness.” M. Teemley.

Artist Unknown

I’d love to know your thoughts after you read this post.


Jacquie ♥

Feature Image: Eberhard Grossgasteiger

17 comments on “Counting the Cost”

  1. I feel we were already created as disciples of Jesus. Whether or not we remain active and disciplined disciples in Christ, is a matter of free choice. And even if we should become renegades, we are just as free to return home thru Christ in the full breadth of his promised salvation.


  2. Lovely post!
    The symbolisms of both crosses, the reminder that it takes time and effort to be a surgeon – the entire article is truly an amazing reminder of what we are expected to do when we follow Yeshua 🙌🏽

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