One & Only

In this time of introspection…


Lord, please help me to surrender to your love so full and tender. You have blessed, healed, and more it is I who have shut the door.

I come to you now filled with contrition ready to grow in submission. Please help me in my unbelief I seek your joy, and drop this grief.

May my yes be yes and my nay be nay to the One and only living way.

In this time of introspection of real truth and reflection, my heart needs work to seek your will stop the running and wait until; my yes is yes without condition washed in your blood of remission …until I am free.

Dear Lord, help us to be free in You. Free of self and worldly views. Help us to see this deception, and turn to You in repentance. You are worth more than we can say, please help us to remain in Your way. Through love, grace, forgiveness, and more, we remain eternally Yours. Amen.

Blessings on this Sabbath day,

Jacquie ♥

Photo: Ben White

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