Who’s Knocking on My Heart?

Self-focus and offense are great friends. Self is waiting for anyone or anything to demand of it, so that self can become offended at this appalling lack of consideration. Don’t let self rule your roost. Take it to task. Call out the god of convenience, and fire it!

Your vow before God is to love, and self wants no part of it. Self wants to feel good, and exist on indulgences. Self will convince you that those who don’t align with the primary commitment of appeasing flesh, are clueless and ignorant. The Lord is standing at the door of your heart, and He is knocking. Revelation 3:20 says: “Behold, I stand at the door [of the church] and continually knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with him (restore him), and he with Me.” (AMP). Did you know that Christians are the Church? Without God’s people, church is just a building. The Lord strong and mighty, desires entrance to your heart, your very soul. The only way you can answer Him, is to lay aside self, and embrace humility and love – then the door will open.

Lay your burdens down, for really, they belong to God. Self is a burden, lay it down. Then He will exchange your tattered self, for His amazing love. He will give you life eternal in exchange for the death of temporary indulgences. So, remove the shackles of self, and receive the freedom that only comes from being selfless. There is great joy in giving as opposed to taking. Let’s say “Yes Lord, please come in.”

Our Creator God, has come to give us life in fullness, and all we have to do is give Him our decaying life of selfishness. There is no greater love. So, what do say? How about we lay down the full-time job of trying to keep our whims happy, in exchange for love and joy unspeakable. May He no longer need to stand at the door of our hearts and knock. Let’s let Him in, and receive His stunning gift of love and restoration.


Jacquie ♥


Photos: Open Sign by Arlem Beliaikin; Welcome Sign by Carly Kewley;                   “Welcome Please Come In” by Aaron Burden

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I am a writer and counselor, who embraces joy and holds tight to hope. I live with my husband Ken, of 44 years, and he is the love of my life. I enjoy inspirational and devotional writing, home decor, gardening, and being in community. My husband and I are missionaries to children in Washington State, and love the privilege of being with them.

8 thoughts on “Who’s Knocking on My Heart?

  1. True Jacquie. We live in the generation of self and every is so easily offended. It pays to examine our motives often against the truth of scripture.


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