Time to Trust

“Wait for the gift my Father promised.” Acts 1:4. Times of surrender let me know the condition of my heart. This realization usually revolves around something I am hoping God will answer with a resounding yes…then I wait for an answer.

Is there a dream, vision, or great desire that you are praying about? Whether it has been a long time or not, be encouraged that God isn’t deaf to your prayers.

Are you willing to completely give your dreams etc. over to Him? In other words, will you still love God, and walk in His ways even if you don’t receive your heart’s desire? Once we make the decision to give it ALL to Jesus, we can rest in His love, wisdom, and will. He does know what is best for us.

Like Abraham, are you willing to give to God what is dear to your heart?

In a previous post, I shared that the Lord brought a miraculous result to one of our daughter (Angela’s) surgeries, and I will explain in a moment. First, I can tell you that with each surgery she had, Ken and I had to let go. We had to release our sweet girl, trusting that God alone would bring her through multiple surgeries. The first surgery took place when Ang was two weeks old.

Fast forward: Angela was in the fifth grade when she underwent what is known as an Abbe Flap surgery. Incisions were made so that skin from the chin could be attached to the upper lip, to create a cleft. The surgery was successful.

The evening of the surgery, the night-shift nurse came at scheduled intervals to express the venous blood for circulation.

The next morning: Angela’s upper lip was blue, and steadily getting darker. Our surgeon tried to get circulation back, but could not. He said our only option was to “let things settle down,” and come back to repeat the surgery.

I wouldn’t be able to donate the skin from my chin because veins needed to be transferred in order for the skin to live. With these unacceptable facts in mind, I asked if there was any other alternative, to which he replied No. I said “then I am going to pray about this.” To which he replied, “whatever you need to do.” I went off and through my tears said, “God, you can raise people from the dead, so I know You can raise Angela’s skin back to life!” As the day passed, the skin got to the point that it was black, and smelled horrible.

The next morning: The surgeon arrived Early. He flipped on the light above Angela, and looked on with astonishment at the PINK skin on her upper lip!

A few weeks later, we were at the Cranialfacial Anomalies clinic at University of California in San Francisco (UCSF). With specialists, and a large group of interns, our surgeon explained in complex medical terms what had transpired post surgery to Angela. All eyes were on our sweet 10 year old daughter. He had everyone’s riveted attention when he added, “But her mom said a few of the right kind of prayers….” I looked around the room at glistening eyes, and some that were stunned to almost an expressionless state. Most importantly:

God got the Glory!!! (I could never have been taken seriously by such highly trained medical professionals), and of course knowing this, He spoke through someone they would listen to. Isn’t God Amazing?!

No matter what you may need to let go of today, please know how much He loves you, and He’s got this. Our God is an awesome God, and He loves to do that which is “abundantly above all we could ever ask or think.”


Jacquie ♥

Photo Credit: Tina’s Country Charm Cottage

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I am a writer and counselor, who embraces joy and holds tight to hope. I live with my husband Ken, of 44 years, and he is the love of my life. I enjoy inspirational and devotional writing, home decor, gardening, and being in community. My husband and I are missionaries to children in Washington State, and love the privilege of being with them.

14 thoughts on “Time to Trust

  1. That’s an amazing story! Thanks for sharing it. So thankful God healed Angela through your prayers. And He stunned everyone, even the medical professionals. He is the Great Physician!

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    1. Thanks Dawn, I love recounting the myriad ways He blesses and touches our lives. What is kind of funny about this time in our lives is that we were going through a focused time of evangelism. I was completely unsure of the process, so when God used someone else to share our testimony, I was overjoyed! I was also divinely encouraged to step out in His leading after that time. Blessings friend. ♥

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  2. Jacquie this is sooooo overwhelmingly good with Yes and Amen answers to your prayers.. the signs and wonders that can happen during evangelism and fasting also.. praise YahWeh for His answers.
    A riveting testimony for a 10 year old Ang. How is she today? How did this story impact her life Jacquie? How does she tell the story? Let me know!!
    Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Thank you peacemaker, Angela is well and doing a great job raising our grandson. This testimony didn’t impact her life until she was older. Even though we could smell the dying flesh on her lip, God spared her, so she was unaware. She tells the account from that perspective, thankful that God spared her so many traumas. Blessings and thank you for stopping by ♥

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